Friday, May 29, 2009

career day reflection

In career we learn lots of stuff i enjoyed that i am interested in the producer i like that i learn what a producer do and past there days doing how hard the job is. I also learn what step you have to take before to Produce a show such as edit and more.  I want to learn about a member of the S.W.A.T team  i want to learn how the job is and what are they job duties i enjoy it for it being the first time to do this it entertain me to learn something new. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

what did we learn from career day ?

The name of one of the presenters i saw was Elina . I Learn what a producer do how they work. Producers need to do steps before they publish a produce show to make sure it perfect. Producers are the one who edit the movie and they must need to know every thing around the set I like how she show everything to make us understand and if i would ask her a question she would know how to answer it in a way i can understand i really like that. She did a good job and am glad i learn something new

The name of the second presenter I saw is Adrienne . I Learn what a Lawyer do in a job.
At first when you become a lawyer you take different cases such as justice and i learn you get to go out in vacation and i also learn that even if the client did something and commit the crime you still got to stand up and fight for the case I think she explain every thing good i understand and i was glad i learn something new

Monday, May 11, 2009

4/24 blogger on steve harmon

How powerful is the language that we use? the words was not that powerful Why do people call each other names? it was a different way to get their heads refreshed after all they are on trail How often do you call people names? some times not all the times Do you think about how the person might feel when you call them the name? I hope they don't take it offense but most of the people i call names know am playing around How often do you see others being called name? All the times but i don't know how the person calling names feel and how the person getting called names feel in that situation Is there anyone in your school who is teased for being Gay? I don't think so i guess if they gay no one cares that their problem How do you think people feel when they are constantly teased? I some time feel bad for the person but some kids really don't care cause they call names back
Why does Petrocelli call Steve a "Monster"? he is on trail for murder petrocelli had no other choose to think he in a monster What metaphors do you compare people to when you name call? have no metaphors How does Steve feel about being called a monster? i bet he felt bad because he knew he didnt do anything and they was calling him a name What does he do after he is called a monster? hold it in cause he had to think if he a monster or not even if he didnt do anything Do you think Steve feels like a monster? steve dont feel like a monster he knows what he did and what he havnt done Do you think Steve is a monster? Do you think he is innocent or guilty?innocent
Do you think the jury sees Steve as a monster? no the jury sees that steve has been quite If you were on the jury would you think Steve was a monster? i wouldnt steve is describe as some one who is not afraid to tell the truth or to hide some thing Why? why not? Why did Steve title his book monster? i guess because that the first thing they call him when he began his trail a monster it made us think if he is really a monster or not

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

why do i have to think about a career now

We are thinking about careers because later in life we wanna be successful
It is important because when we need to think about our future 
this project is going to help me actually learn about different careers 
I began to think about my future because i wonder who gonna be the person to take care
of my family pay the bill most of the people in my family are successful 
and i wanna be like the rest