Thursday, May 28, 2009

what did we learn from career day ?

The name of one of the presenters i saw was Elina . I Learn what a producer do how they work. Producers need to do steps before they publish a produce show to make sure it perfect. Producers are the one who edit the movie and they must need to know every thing around the set I like how she show everything to make us understand and if i would ask her a question she would know how to answer it in a way i can understand i really like that. She did a good job and am glad i learn something new

The name of the second presenter I saw is Adrienne . I Learn what a Lawyer do in a job.
At first when you become a lawyer you take different cases such as justice and i learn you get to go out in vacation and i also learn that even if the client did something and commit the crime you still got to stand up and fight for the case I think she explain every thing good i understand and i was glad i learn something new

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