Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Essay for jennings

my family is important to me I like my family is always there for me
for my up and down I dont hate anything about my family.
Jennings is feeling kinda sad cause is always going out geroge dose an type of negavite things to effect the family lary dont do no negative things but do what his moms tell him to do
Jennings got no positives things in his family many actions happen since they are always going to alot of ofernes which got all the kids feeling different Jenning has been therw alot and still has doggie by his side every where he gose that one positves thing in his family from all the bad things that happens. I wonder how Jennings feels right now he probley is So sad when that happens to him. all alone when he in school only with his friends
I think Jennings had no family not even in home of the angels or st teresa sal is like a father to Jenning he understand every thing this make Jennings feel different I hope he would make the right choose and not run away like larry that the badest mistake he made his mom might get sick again after jenning told her larry ran way that means he going to a other oferen and not be st teresas or home or the angels so he wont meet mark or the girl that he used to like

diary entry to sal

Dear sal,

I would like to thank you
for helping me and for begin
part of ma life your like the best
father I can have I been pasting
therw alot my cut are heeling after
I got my stichets I like to thank you
for being there for me when i got jump
by those students.
Love Jennings

Diary entry to my diary

Dear diary,

I felt so sad that lary ran away it was was a nightmare
because he was tried of doing every thing for around the house lary
even though I help out therw out the house with every little thing.
he Pack his bags and left I wonder how is he now after he ran away
geroge began to screm at me it affects the family in alot of ways.
Mom was crying because she ask me why I was crying so I told her and she began to cry now all am scared of her getting sick now that lary gone

Love Jenning,

Diary entry To martha

Dear Martha,
The wrost has been happening
since I left your my brother lary ran away
and got tried of doing favorites for my mom.
Not only the only thing I have to do is leave my self and find
sal the bus driver cant forget to say thank you so much takeing
care of me well

Love Jennings
Ps.Take care I love you

Thursday, January 22, 2009


E.L.A wasn't hard it was easy the test I took yesterday was the multiple chooses  book one didn't take long for me it was like 30 minute or 40. I found the book 2 harder cause we had to listen and edit and write down what you can with while Ms. Bentley is reading which is pretty hard also because we gotta get the right notes. There was 10 question I think in the listening test and the multiple choose had about 28 question.
Book 1 was easy for me cause the passage and answer where right their in the text and some you had to think to get it. I took my time reading the passages and the last passage I read it 3 times because I didn't understand what I have read. The difficult thing in the whole test was choose the right question out of all the answer. Some of the questions had to answer that could of been correct but I Read it back and try to chose the right one.
Book 2 was a little hard because of the reading this is one of the testes I don't like to take cause you have to get the right notes such as dates and names. The thing I found easy this year was that their was easy questions. The question that ask me a question and I had to respond I use R.A.F.T to help me answer right I hope that it correct. Both of the testes this year had multiple chooses Which made it easy I think am going to 3 or 4  this year .


obama becoming president is some thing new and history to america his speech was really long but it had touching word such as Nation he really is going to make a change Go Obama

Sunday, January 18, 2009

All about me

Well I am 13 years old I have a twin sister I attend the School C.I.S 339 I was in the Basketball team in that school my Favorite Sport is Basket ball I have a little brother With grays Eyes and nice hair and he only 1 years old I also have a little sister new born and She looks just like me and ma sister and my dad of course I Attend the School I Sqaud We got nice Sweaters with the school name and it says I Sqaud in a one of the arms I Am so glad I choose the right school am a honset Person when I gotta speck the truth I do it Try my best to Get high grades Complete all my work and I love my best friends Teresa and Cayetano You can trust them with any little thing well Stay tune to read my other blogs love Larolyn

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Diary 1/13/09

Dear Mom
Am having a great time and i just Wanted to say i miss you and how you doing is every thing fine
I wonder when would stop getting sick  this is the first home that i like because every other home i went to treated me different and hurt me too well i went fishing and i never went fishing and donald
got a shark when could of you gotten sick is it the same way as sick as u gotten before 

Monday, January 5, 2009

what i did over my Christmas break

what I did over my christmas break i had went out to by my brother a present for christmas. I also when out to get my sister and mine Xbox 360. I couldn't wait till it was time to open our presents. Since my brother present was brought from a different place  we open it and gave to my brother. The time we open our present we began to play.
 On New year i went out to my mom Friend house and we got there before the ball drop and then i was holding my brother  when it drop while i was trying to take the seeds out the grapes. My sister was Around the house while i had to hold my brother.  Well as soon as the ball drop i had went to my cell phone and told all my friends happy new years and then my family as i got up and drop my brother in the floor.
My break was the best for 1 week i went to sleep at 3:00 from going out 
i couldn't forget my brother first new years. i couldn't wait to school  so i can see my friends again . my mom took lots of pictures as we kiss our brother for new years 
i was wearing a new years hat and i was trying to change hats with my sister she had a better hat then me .