Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Essay for jennings

my family is important to me I like my family is always there for me
for my up and down I dont hate anything about my family.
Jennings is feeling kinda sad cause is always going out geroge dose an type of negavite things to effect the family lary dont do no negative things but do what his moms tell him to do
Jennings got no positives things in his family many actions happen since they are always going to alot of ofernes which got all the kids feeling different Jenning has been therw alot and still has doggie by his side every where he gose that one positves thing in his family from all the bad things that happens. I wonder how Jennings feels right now he probley is So sad when that happens to him. all alone when he in school only with his friends
I think Jennings had no family not even in home of the angels or st teresa sal is like a father to Jenning he understand every thing this make Jennings feel different I hope he would make the right choose and not run away like larry that the badest mistake he made his mom might get sick again after jenning told her larry ran way that means he going to a other oferen and not be st teresas or home or the angels so he wont meet mark or the girl that he used to like

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