Monday, January 5, 2009

what i did over my Christmas break

what I did over my christmas break i had went out to by my brother a present for christmas. I also when out to get my sister and mine Xbox 360. I couldn't wait till it was time to open our presents. Since my brother present was brought from a different place  we open it and gave to my brother. The time we open our present we began to play.
 On New year i went out to my mom Friend house and we got there before the ball drop and then i was holding my brother  when it drop while i was trying to take the seeds out the grapes. My sister was Around the house while i had to hold my brother.  Well as soon as the ball drop i had went to my cell phone and told all my friends happy new years and then my family as i got up and drop my brother in the floor.
My break was the best for 1 week i went to sleep at 3:00 from going out 
i couldn't forget my brother first new years. i couldn't wait to school  so i can see my friends again . my mom took lots of pictures as we kiss our brother for new years 
i was wearing a new years hat and i was trying to change hats with my sister she had a better hat then me .

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