Thursday, January 22, 2009


E.L.A wasn't hard it was easy the test I took yesterday was the multiple chooses  book one didn't take long for me it was like 30 minute or 40. I found the book 2 harder cause we had to listen and edit and write down what you can with while Ms. Bentley is reading which is pretty hard also because we gotta get the right notes. There was 10 question I think in the listening test and the multiple choose had about 28 question.
Book 1 was easy for me cause the passage and answer where right their in the text and some you had to think to get it. I took my time reading the passages and the last passage I read it 3 times because I didn't understand what I have read. The difficult thing in the whole test was choose the right question out of all the answer. Some of the questions had to answer that could of been correct but I Read it back and try to chose the right one.
Book 2 was a little hard because of the reading this is one of the testes I don't like to take cause you have to get the right notes such as dates and names. The thing I found easy this year was that their was easy questions. The question that ask me a question and I had to respond I use R.A.F.T to help me answer right I hope that it correct. Both of the testes this year had multiple chooses Which made it easy I think am going to 3 or 4  this year .

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