Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jim Crow Racism

Jim Crow is like baby asking for more 
might as well  walk right out the Door 
Racism is noting but hesitation
white people wont even try to have a Conversation
Black kids screaming of the pain 
while white people laugh Thinking  it a game 
The bathrooms were Dirty like a Crash bird
Martin Luther King Stop it using Big words 
Making us  feel bad by calling us names
Hope we can make yah feel the same 
Made us craw like it was The law
This is What we going to do
make Racism End soon
by: Larolyn Fanas

My poem describe What Racism is like and how the Jim Crow Effect the people i use a similes to describe the bathrooms and the way Jim crow was i use one metaphor to show how slow  Racism is i learn how to put Metaphor and Some Similes in a poem describeing a thing

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