Friday, March 13, 2009

How was the math exam part 1? I Found exam 1 Easy i felt like i already knew the answers so it would past Did you find it difficult? i didn't find any thing difficult why? why not? I knew how to answer the problems it was right their the anwer and i check my grade before i turn my test in How was part 2? part to was not that easy for me i think i got the last questions wrong i dont have the same confect as i think for exam 1 was it difficult , medium , or easy? Medium Was Part 2 easier or more difficult than Part 1? The more difficult from exam 1 and 2 is that Exam 2 have to deal with responding to questions in Complete sentence and in exam 1 it was much different What score do you think you received on the math exam? i think i receive a 3 or a high 2 How long did it take you to finish the exam? It didn't take me that long Did you go over your answers? Why? Why not? I went over my answer because i wanted to make sure thats My Final answer

How do you feel you did on the poetry quiz yesterday in Ms. Bentley's ELA? I Felt normal With no Presser because i already know all the answers all i have to do is read What was the most difficult part about it. Noting but identiying the Answer. How do you feel you did on the poetry quiz today? It was alittle hard gotta Make sure that it is A imgery and it is a smilie but once again the answer is Right their all i had to do is read What did you find most difficult? What i find the most difficult is that i had to write my own sentence and it had to include some thing What do you think your grade will be? i think i would probly get 90 or 95 Do you feel you were prepared for this quiz? Why? Why not? I do Feel Prepared because she warn me before any thing quiz

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