Monday, June 1, 2009

4/27/09 homework

In what ways are words that we speak powerful? the way we feel the way you describe some thing or person Can words reveal it can reveal truth and faint  what we think about certain issues? in the book monster steve harmon is known as a monster  
How did O'Brien's words reveal what she thought of  the jury? it changes how the jury might think of her cliante  How did Petrocelli's word's reveal what she thought of Steve Harmon? she explain the whole case over again using big and powerful word to make sure that steve harmon would not be notice as a monster  How can our own words reveal what we think inside? Why is it important to choose your words wisely? it important to use your word wisely in different cases people dont take words the same as you might take it so in the case of steve harmon monster was not used wisely it a old saying 

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