Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lake Compounds

Where did you go for your 7th grade class trip? i went to Lake Compounds Where was this place located? am not really sure What time did you leave? i think we left at 8:45 How long did it take to get on the bus?Really long to get there What did you do while you were on the bus waiting to leave?I was talking to my friends they was really happy i came along How was the trip t the park?it was really cool  What did you do on the way to the park? I saw people as they go to sleep bored What movies did you watch? harry potter and batman begins  How long was the bus ride? for me it felt like 45 minutes or a hour 

How did you feel on the bus? i was a little cold but then it went away and i was happy cause i was going to get on rides Why did you feel this way? i felt this way because it was my first time in a roller coster 
Once you arrived at the theme park what did you do? I was waiting for Ms Sa How did you feel when you saw the park?i Felt like i was ready to get on a ride  Who was in your group? Heidi Carla Carolyn  What teacher were you with? Ms Sa What was the first ride that you went on? The first ride i went on was called the zoomargen  Who went on this ride with you?  Ms Sa What other rides did you go on?i also went on a other ride   What was your favorite ride? none  Why was it your favorite? What did you like about it? What ride did you dislike the most?  the first one i went on  What did you dislike? that i choose the wrong ride for it being my first time Did anything funny happen on any of the rides?yes ms sa was Screaming saying am too old for this Did your teacher go on any rides with you? What rides? What did you order to eat? ms sa brought me fries and fried chicken How did you like the food? i like the food 
What was the last ride that you went on? on the ghost hunter  Besides getting on rides, what other stuff did you do or see at Lake Compounds? water rides and airbrush shirts How was the bus ride home? it was ok  What movie did you watch on the way back? batman beings What did you like the most about Lake Compounds? Would you want to go back ? i would like to go back and get on more rides

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