Tuesday, June 2, 2009

blogger Angela's Ashes

How does poverty affect the characters in Angela's Ashes? well they don't have money to buy food it affects there family a lot  Why does the little babies keep getting sick? the babies keep getting sick because they don't got the right hygiene so they catch bacterial  If you were the mother or father how would you do things differently to give your family a better life? i try my best to make sure my family is full of support and is healthy What did the mother do wrong in the story?  keep having kids with out money What did the father do wrong? he keep on drinking beer 

Why do you think this family lives under these conditions? Well his father is lazy and don't try to get a job What can help this family? Do you know families who live in poverty like this anywhere?  Is the poverty in Ireland worse than in America? Why or Why not? i think not cause as i see the movie it really bad to get hot rocks to get warm the room had to pick it up from the floor 

How is the poverty in America different from the Poverty shown in Angela's Ashes? What advice would you give to this family? to try there best to feed the family

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